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NC OES 2023-2024


Grand Worthy Matron

Betty Jo Yommer
Member Of Trenton Chapter #86


Worthy Grand Patron
David BramigK
Member of Statesville Chapter #214

To the members of the Grand Chapter Of North Carolina Order of the Eastern Star

I am pleased to present to you the new website, in its infancy. This has been a labor of love for the Order and from some very dedicated Committee members. We have spent countless hours trying to get a site that will be fun, easy to operate, up-to-date, informative and something North Carolina Order of the Eastern Star can be proud for other grand jurisdictions to view.

As with all infants, it will need time to grow to become everything to all members. We highly anticipate all that in the near future with the proper nourishment.

It is our hope that this new more interactive site will be a gateway for new membership, attracting not only our Brothers from other fraternities but also the wives and eligible children.

Your patience has indeed been a virtue and we ask that if you have concerns you direct them to the Website chairperson or directly to the Worthy Grand Matron or Worthy Grand Patron.

My thanks to my colleagues on the Website Committee and to Mrs. Rita Daniels for her invaluable assistance in creating this beautiful site.


Betty Jo Yommer,
Worthy Grand Matron