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2019-2020 Grand Family
Plant Seeds Of Friendship
Louise Taylor
Worthy Grand Matron

Cutler Dillon
Worthy Grand Patron

Ellen Brooks
Associate Grand Matron

Mike Underwood
Associate Grand Patron

Betty Jo Yommer
Grand Conductress

Amy Jo Fischer
Associate Grand Conductress

Kay Evans
Grand Treasurer

Norma Underwood
Grand Treasurer

Dennis Edwards
Grand Chaplain

Ann McLaughlin
Grand Lecturer
Tony Rathbone
Grand Marshal

Susan Matney
Grand Organist

Norma Byrd
Grand Adah

Rosemary Bramigk
Grand Ruth

Mary Lee Kosik
Grand Esther

Angela Lippard
Grand Martha

Cathy Bradley
Grand Electa

Rebbie Clay
Grand Warder

Buddy Harrell
Grand Sentinel