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District Deputies
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District 1Terrie Gregory
Bobby (Greg) Gregory
District 2
Pat MuntzKenneth Collier
District 3
Lottie Caroon
Warren Taylor
District 4
Paulette Powell
Jimmy Powell
District 5
Linda Harrell
Perry (Buddy) Harrell
District 6
Janelle Ezzel
Logan Liles
District 7
Rebbie L. Clay
William (Ed) Clay
District 8
Melissa Liles
Kenneth Liles
District 9
Andrea Lang
Charles Hett
District 10
Annie King
Richard King
District 11
Jo Brooks
Bennie Wayne Brooks
District 12
Jeanette Baker
Jo Baker
District 13
Mae Lanham
Paul Lanham
District 14
Cathy Bradley
Robert Pinnix
District 15
Norma F. Underwood
Jesse Joyce
District 16
Lucy McAlexander
Charles McAlexander
District 17
Wendy Diggs
Wayne Frank
District 18
Amy Lewis
John Lewis
District 19
Jane Tucker
PD Wilson
District 20
Martha Gaylord
Albert Gaylord
District 21
Kari Lanning
Jacob Bolick
District 22
Amy Rhyne
Thomas 'Tom' Setzer
District 23
Renee Hoyle
Dale Stowe
District 24
Kay Robinson
Bobby Stephens
District 25
Brenda Morrison
Larry Morrison
District 26
Kay Hoglen
Ed Hoglen
District 27
Mary Schmidt
Gene Canter
District 28
Brittany Tincher
Dewey Forbes
District 29
Brittany Tincher
Dewey Forbes
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