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PGMs Jean Massengill, Betty Bisbee, and Alice Smith

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Historical Briefs

(The following is a draft of a new section being developed.  Please enjoy in current form while editing work continues.  The descriptions were developed for the 100th Anniversary book, Journey of Courage, published during the year of Sister Marie Mizelle and Brother Jerry Jarvis.  Thanks to Sister Linda Wilson for performing the boring task of keying in all the text from the book.)

2003-2004    View McLaughlin/Scott Grand Family Page

Ann D. McLaughlin was a member of Stump Sound Chapter No. 338. Mrs. McLaughlin was an individual that loved life and lived it to the fullest. She had a strong faith in God. Being a perfectionist she planned her year with great detail and it was displayed in her session “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” on June 14-16 in Greenville.

A.B. Scott was a member of Guilford Chapter No. 141. Mr. Scott enjoyed his travels across the state. He enjoyed all the times of meeting and mingling with his sisters and brothers. It was a great honor for him to oversee the operations of St. Pauls Chapter UD and the growth of the new chapter.

Fondest Memories: “It is difficult to choose one special memory or event during my year of serving as WGP that is more memorable than others. Overseeing and working with St. Pauls Chapter UD has been a great honor. It will be one of the most treasured responsibilities, and I will be very proud to recommend they receive their Charter at the “Touch of the Master’s Hand” Session in June 2004. Serving with such a wonderful and caring lady as our WGM, Ann McLaughlin, has been truly a wonderful blessing. But perhaps what I will treasure the most from this year is the love and friendship from the people across North Carolina. Our people are what make our Order so great, and they are what I will hold most dear in the years to come.”

2002-2003   View Rea/Taylor Grand Family Page

Grace P. Rea was a member of Carthage Chapter No. 154. She held her “Beauty of the Seasons” session in Charlotte on June 16-18. Mrs. Rea enjoyed her travels throughout the state and the confidence, love and cooperation that she felt in her official visits. This was truly done through her aim of “Promoting the Good of the Order” and “Love One Another”. During her year, there was a special session held on August 31, 2002 for the purpose of constituting Cookville Chapter.

Fondest Memories:  The 2002-2003 Grand Chapter year was filled with the Grand Body working the projects and promoting love and goodwill.  I remember the loving kindness and the loyalty of the membership.

The Grand Body chose well when they elected Brother Lavaun Taylor as my Worthy Grand Patron.  He and Sister Pat opened their home to Jud and me when we had meetings in the Western part of the state.  The two of them willingly helped with the responsibilities of Grand Chapter.  We traveled together in either OES-1 or OES-2 depending on the section of the state the Itinerary sent us.  Lavaun, Pat, Jud and I built a friendship that will continue through the years.

The "Beauty of the Seasons" Informal Opening was a night to remember.  Introduced that night were Brother Robert Baker, Past Most Worthy Grand Patron, and Sister Barbara Benton, Right Worthy Grand Conductress, who honored us with the "signing" of the Lord's Prayer.  The entire evening filled my heart with special memories.

E. Lavaun Taylor was a member of Electa Chapter No. 228. Mr. Taylor found that as WGP his official visits were humbling for all the love and attention displayed to him. He filled his station of WGP with dignity. As he closed his year, he expressed his thanks and said “though he has had the title of WGP and shortly PGP, he would always be just one of you.”


Marjorie S. Hudson was a member of Wright G. Campbell No. 180. Mrs. Hudson held her “Moments to Remember” in Charlotte on June 16-18. The theme of her year was no surprise due to her teaching of theatrics in the school system. Much of the year was compared to a stage. This can also be seen in her theme of “To Dream! To Learn! To Think! To Believe”.

Donald R. Manweiler was a member of Craven Chapter No. 129. Being a transplant from New York, Mr. Manweiler adapted readily to the Southern culture. This can be expressed in one of his favorite songs “What A Wonderful World”. Mr. Manweiler was known for his beauty of memory work that he did so well in the exemplification of the initiatory ceremony.

Fondest Memories: “2001-2002, the year of MOMENTS TO REMEMBER, was so wonderful because of our outstanding and devoted Grand Family and because of the sisters and brothers of North Carolina. Members all over the state greeted us with love and friendship as we visited each chapter.

There were so many great moments in our Grand Chapter year that it is difficult to pick one or two. However, one of the highlights was our trip to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The climax of this wonderful year was our Grand Chapter session in June of 2002.

To all the members of our Grand Chapter, thank you for making our year full of pleasant and enjoyable MOMENTS TO REMEMBER.”


Alice M. Smith was a member of Fayetteville Chapter No. 334. Dr. Smith’s “The Year of the Jubliee” was held June 18-20 in Fayetteville. With teaching being her life’s profession, as she traveled the state visiting the various chapters she instilled in the members her desire to perform the ritualistic work correctly. Living in a military city, the love of the country and freedom wa very close to her heart.

Fondest Memories: “My fondest memory of my year is the reception which my Worthy Grand Patron and I received as we made official visits to all of the Chapters. We were always made to feel so very special and I shall always carry the memory of that in my heart.”

Virgil L. Torrence was a member of Newell Chapter No. 344. Mr. Torrence enjoyed his travels across the state making new friends and renewing old friendships. It was an honor for him to work with the potential members of Cookville Chapter and to preside over their institution.


Helen D. Collie was a member of William B. Barrow Chapter No. 39. “The Friends Are Forever” session was held in Fayetteville on June 19-21. She is remembered for her beautiful voice and how she shared it with her sisters and brothers at her official visits. During the year, she called a special session held in Louisburg to discuss the handling of the Ruck Endowment Fund.

Fondest Memories: “It was my privilege to serve the Grand Chapter of North Carolina Order of the Eastern Star as Worthy Grand Matron with Brother Lloyd Phillips, Worthy Grand Patron. The FRIENDS ARE FOREVER theme was to “Reach Out and Make This World a Better Place.” The yellow rose was the symbol of a true friend. The Holy Bible provided the foundation with Psalm 98:1, Ecclesiastes 3:1, Matthew 13:31-32, John 6:35 and the Lord’s Prayer being the chosen words. The Touch of the Master’s Hand gave words of inspiration.

There is no way to briefly summarize all that happened during the year. The appointment of Grand Officers, Grand Representatives and District Deputies was an awesome experience. The year provided an opportunity to share Christianity via, prayer requests, individual time with members and sharing camera time with chapter officer counterparts. Making “Singing for the Lord” tape provided a chance to praise God and provide scholarships for our youth. The sale of sweatshirts with the logo of OES, Rainbow Girls and Job’s Daughters raised money to send members of the International Order of Rainbow for Gils and Job’s Daughter’s to Camp Rainbow, Inc.

Service was very important to this Worthy Grand Matron. The year brought many honors; however, the goal was to serve rather than be served. Being Worthy Grand Matron was a humbling experience. In an effort to do what I believed was right and in the best interest of Grand Chapter, I could not please everyone. Our Heavenly Father was with us every step. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!”

Lloyd G. Phillips was a member of East La Porte No. 206. Mr. Phillips was known for his love of sailing and motorcycling. It was not uncommon to see him and his wife, Juanita, arrive on his motorcycle, but mostly during this year as WGP he would use the OES2 car. Mr. Phillips deemed it a high honor to serve as WGP of Eastern Star and urged his brothers to be active in the Blue Lodge and promote the Order of the Eastern Star.

Fondest Memories: “It is difficult to single out one particular event that was special during the course of a year of service to our beautiful Order. A year during which, as Worthy Grand Patron, I was privileged to visit with, stay with, and work with the members of our fraternity. I would rather, simply take this opportunity to once again thank the members of Eastern Star in North Carolina for giving me the opportunity to serve in that capacity along with Sister Helen Collie, our Worthy Grand Matron during 1999-2000.

I shall be eternally grateful to those who served as officers of the Grand Chapter, Deputy Grand Matrons, Deputy Grand Patrons, Grand Representatives, all who served as Grand Chapter Committee members and Sister Juanita, Grand wife, who travels the road and walked the walk with me as she has done in every phase of my life for the past forty plus years.”


Peggy T. Cates was a member of Guilford Chapter No. 141. Mrs. Cates’ “Hearts in Harmony” session was held in Greensboro on June 14-16. Her prayer was for peace and harmony among the members as they eumulate the ideas of the Order. Through her travels in the state, the official visits had good attendance and she enjoyed getting acquainted with so many wonderful Stars. Mrs. Cates’ love of music was evident in her name for her Grand officers – Joyful Notes.

Robert A. Massengill was a member of Edith Chapter No. 160. Mr. Massengill trusted the Lord for wisdom and strength during this year. He was able to attend all the official visits, schools, exemplifications and Board Meetings at the Home. At all his official visits you could tell that he loved trains from seeing them in the chapter or hearing a whistle.


Carolyn H. Ferguson was a member of Electa Chapter No. 228. Mrs. Ferguson’s “Heritage Pathway of Love” was held in Asheville on June 16-17, 1998. Her love of Scotland was shown in her “Kirkin-of-the-Tartan” Travel Club, the special project for Home Maintenance “Be a Piper”, and Camp Rainbow “Highland Fling”. Over 4,000 stuffed animals were collected for Old Christmas in January and given to the Shrine Hospitals.

Jack L. Walters was a member of James B. Green No. 352. During his term as WGP, Mr. Walters attended as many official visits as possible. Due to holding down a full time job, he could not make all of them. Mr. Walters held the position of WGP with great dignity and promoted the programs of Grand Chapter.


Frances W. Strickland was a member of Wendell Chapter No. 87. Mrs. Strickland’s “It’s A Small World” session was held in Raleigh on June 9-11. Mrs. Strickland began her final report with “Nothing is impossible if you believe in God.” She conveyed that it was that through all the great and small things that happened during her year that He was constantly beside her. During her term, the first annual car show was held – “Strolling Down Memory Lane” which raised funds for our Eastern Star Foundation.”

M. Vernon Cahoon, Jr. was a member of Columbia Chapter No. 281. One of the distinct honors Mr. Cahoon had as WGP was to select his daughter, Sister Kaye Whitehurst, as one of the Grand Officers. Mr. Cahoon’s love of working on the farm was evident in his love for the John Deere tractor. On many of his visits he found a John Deere tractor waiting as a decoration or gift.


Faye Poteat Gatton was a member of Snow Creek No. 354. Mrs. Gatton held her “Reflections of God’s Love” session on June 17-19 in Hickory. Her motto was “To live our lives that others may see Jesus in us.” This could be seen in the manner that she conducted herself during her year as WGM. She found much happiness through her service to others.

Fondest Memories: “My fondest memories of my year of service as WGM were the love, encouragement and support of our members.

All of our meetings were well attended (at most meetings extra chairs had to be brought into the chapter room). At one of our meetings there were almost 400 members in attendance.

The 1996 Session was called “The Reflections of God’s Love.” The theme was “Happiness Through Love and Service.” As we served with love and happiness wew truly saw the love of God reflected in our membership.

One of the highlights of the year was our trip to Hawaii when 91 members and friends visited three of the Hawaiian Islands.”

Thomas C. Gallagher was a member of Roseboro Chapter No. 229. Mr. Gallagher being short in stature was used to “looking up to others.” But as WGP the membership “looked up” to him for his guidance in our projects. He had much fun in traveling the state making new acquaintances and renewing old acquaintances.

Fondest Memories: “Each and everyone of the 139 visits from West Virginia to South Carolina and all stops in between. We had a great year and the membership responded accordingly.

There is one visit that we made that is still talked about. When we arrived at the Chapter the love and fellowship were waiting at the door. And, to make it that much more enjoyable for us, the Worthy Patron informed us that he had turned the air-conditioner on early that morning. BUT, you guessed it! The Chapter room was full to overflowing and there was not any air conditioning!

Sister Faye Gatton, WGM, and I were introduced at the Altar and the others were introduced at their seats. The meeting was adjourned and the members moved the tables and refreshments outside under the trees. Most of the members that had a change of clothes needed help to get their gowns and shirts off. It was warm, at least 90 degrees. The air conditioner mechanic came the next morning to fix the blasted thing.

No fault of the Lodge or the Chapter, but anyway, we enjoyed our sisters and brothers.”


Emma Berger Rumley was a member of Greensboro Chapter No. 14. Mrs. Rumley held her “The Spirit of Christmas” session in Greensboro on June 19-21. Her love of Christmas was seen from her motto which was “To live each day in the Spirit of Christmas”. The chapters across the state felt that the whole year was the special season of Christmas. As the WGM made her official visits, she felt the love passed from her Sisters and Brothers and the warmness generated by all in their fondness of the season.

Rodney William Maker was a member of Smithfield Chapter No. 121. Mr. Maker accepted his office with great humility. He expressed his desire that he wanted to do something to make a difference in the Order. He will be remembered as one who did do something in promoting the projects of Grand Chapter and making a difference.


Beverly Barett Trotman was a member of South Mills Chapter No. 270. Mrs. Trotman’s years of teaching were brought out in her 3 R’s (Ritual, Rules and Regulation) District Workshops. She really enjoyed getting down on the floor and demonstrating how our ritualistic work should be performed. Her session “I Like Calling North Carolina Home” was held in Greensboro on June 27-29, 1994. She expressed the success of her year to God’s guidance, giving her good health, strength and guidance in her daily actions and decisions.

Robert J. McLaughlin was a member of Stump Sound Chapter No. 338. Being from a military background, Mr. McLaughlin took his responsibilities seriously in supporting the projects of Grand Chapter. He met the challenges with enthusiasm and a “can do” spirit. He left his office feeling very wealthy with friendships and genuine loving kindness.


Gwendolyn Marsico Oakley was a member of Twin City Chapter No. 60. Mrs. Oakley held the “Reflections of Knowledge and Beauty” session on June 14-16 in Winston-Salem. Her theme for the year was “Joy Through Knowledge”. She was truly inspired by the eagerness of the membership to learn and enjoy the beauty of our ceremonies. During her year Belmont UD was constituted.

Curtis Hylton Wright was a member of Mt. Airy Chapter No. 18. Mr. Wright likened his year to an auto race. He made many laps around the state enjoying his travels immensely. The time passed quickly and as he attended Grand Chapter he passed by the checkered flag at the finish line entering into the ranks of PGP.


Betty Rodgers Bisbee was a member of Cape Fear Chapter No. 346. Mrs. Bisbee’s session of “OES Vision of Music and Harmony” was held in Raleigh on June 15-17, 1992. True to the meaning of her session, she wanted to simply walk among the membership, bring inspiration, lend sympathetic understanding to the member’s problems and so by doing bring a deeper appreciation of the meaning and value of membership in our Order.

Sidney A. Foltz, Jr. was a member of Edith Chapter No. 160. During Mr. Foltz’s term of WGP, he kept Belmont Chapter UD under his watchful guidance and recommended that they receive their charter at Grand Chapter. Also it was a high honor for him to have the opportunity to institute a new chapter—Green River Chapter UD.


Betty Gay Harris was a member of Garner Chapter No. 321. Mrs. Harris held her “A Portrait of Happiness” session in Raleigh on June 17-19. She was known for her love of music and her beautiful voice. Everyone was blessed when she sang a song at her official visits. Her closing ode was “He Keeps Me Singing” as she truly did through her year in the East and afterwards.

Philip Ray Hudson was a member of Wright G. Campbell No. 180. Mr. Hudson closed his year in saying it had “been a wild and wonderful ride” with many fond memories. He brought the projects at the official visits with a little laughter to encourage fund raising. Mr. Hudson oversaw the institution of Belmont Chapter UD during his tenure.


Voncile Rustin Singletary was a member of Lumberton Chapter No. 116. The “Melody of the Stars” session was held in Raleigh on June 18-20. Though battling the dreaded disease of cancer, Mrs. Singletary accepted her position as WGM. She was able to hold this position until February 20, 1990, when the Lord saw fit to call her to greater treasures in Heaven. Mrs. Betty Harris then filled the remaining term until June as WGM.

James Franklin Wishert was a member of Mimosa Chapter No. 269. Mr. Wishert held many fond memories for his year as WGP. But most of all his love for old cars was seen throughout the year as chapters either displayed them or provided one to ride in to the chapter. He ended his year with “Memories Forever” from the compassion and love displayed to him.


Viola Peacock Hardison was a member of Goldenrod Chapter No. 142. Mrs. Hardison’s admonition to the members was “Be yourself, an original is much better than a copy.” The 1st Annual Statewide Golf Tournament was held for the benefit of the Masonic and Eastern Star Home in Greensboro. This was a joint fundraiser by the Grand Chapter of North Carolina and the Grand Lodge of Masons in North Carolina and resulted in raising $38,000 for the home. Several important events were celebrated at the Home including Trick or Treat Halloween Party (the guests certainly enjoyed seeing the members dressed up in Halloween costumes) in October and the 75th Anniversary celebration of the Home in January.

Jackie Ray Batts was a member of Dunn Chapter No. 59. Mr. Batts, his family, and mother-in-law were well known for their hospitality and if you happened by their home, you were always welcomed with good food and lots of fellowship. He previously served on the Board of Directors of Camp Rainbow, Inc. and he was very proud that the Craft Fair raised more than $24,000 for the Camp.


Opal Davis Long was a member of Robbinsville Chapter No. 224. Mrs. Long was best known for being a great school teacher, a good politician, a talented fund raiser and a patriotic individual. The accomplishments during the year were a result of her energy and enthusiasm and her ability to motivate others to achieve great things.

Robert Bryan Miller was a member of Bayboro Chapter No. 189. Mr. Miller was active in church and civic affairs and is a charter member of Gideon’s International. 54 Grand Chapter Scholarships and 43 ESTARL awards were made. Funds raised for the Masonic and Eastern Star Home totaled $219,696 and $29,599 was raised for the North Carolina Eastern Star Foundation. The funds in the Foundation now exceeded $1,000,000.


Dorothy Glover Perry was a member of Wendell Chapter No. 87. A highlight of this year was the “400th Anniversary Celebration being held in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the historic Roanoke voyages. A souvenir coin, designed by Mr. Frank Wood, was minted in both bronze and silver, to commemorate a great event in history and the “400th Anniversary” celebration. Entertainment on this occasion was a presentation of “North Carolina Is My Home” which was enjoyed by all. Bibles were sold with the proceeds going to the North Carolina Eastern Star Foundation.

Fondest Memories: “The highlight of my year was the “400th Anniversary Celebration”. This was a celebration commemorating the 400th anniversary of the historic Roanoke Voyages and was held at the Mission Valley Inn, Raleigh, NC on October 4, 1986. There were more than 480 in attendance. Along with myself was Brother John Rumley, WGP, and our mates, as well as all N.C. Grand Officers.

A special pleasure was in sharing this celebration with the Grand Jurisdictions of Virginia and the District of Columbia. We were delighted to have our friends from Virginia, including Sister Mary Lee Cox, WGM; Brother Laymon Thomas, Jr., WGP, with their mates and several elected and appointed officers along with members from Virginia.

Registration proved to be an exciting time in that everyone had been encouraged to wear costumes symbolic of the “400th anniversary” and it was a beautiful sight to see our sisters and brothers in their costumes.

Decorations were breathtaking, especially at the dinner. The decorations consisted of lighthouses and American flags; a lighted replica of the dome of the United States Capitol was on the head table, which had been s et up in the form of a Cross.

A souvenir coin was minted to commemorate a great even in history and the “400th Anniversary” celebration. The coin was designed by Brother Frank Wood and was available in both bronze and hand-minted silver. The WGP and I were presented with hand-minted silver coins and bronze coins were presented to the WGM and WGP from Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Our beautiful celebration ended with everyone lifting high their own American Flag and heartily singing “God Bless America”. As always the display of over 400 flags made this a touching moment and one that I will long remember.”

John Andrew Rumley, Sr. was a member of Greensboro Chapter No. 14. Mr. Rumley was retired from the U.S. Navy and returned to Greensboro. He is talented in mechanical and electrical things and can repair anything. In fact if something is broken and John can’t fix it, nobody can. 56 Grand Chapter Scholarships and 44 ESTARL awards were presented at the “beauty of It All” Session. The Craft Fair at Camp Rainbow was a big success. A special program was given in memory of Mrs. Helen Bell Rimmer, a staunch supporter of Camp Rainbow. The members of Sanford Chapter No. 48 and the 15th District presented a picture of Mrs. Rimmer. This picture was hung in the dinning hall at Camp Rainbow.

1985-1986        View Sims/Crater Grand Family

Edith Gettys Sims was initiated in Southfork Chapter No. 184 and was a charter member of Dallas Chapter No. 262. The formations on opening night were to the theme of “God Bless America”. Included were the Indians from the East, the French-Canadian fur trappers from the North, representatives of Oriental cultures from the West and those of Hispanic descent from the South. The pioneer spirit was symbolized by a covered wagon. The Liberty Bell rang out and the Statute of Liberty stood on high for all to see and behold. The “Festival of Friendship” session was appropriate because of the many friends who came from near and far, including the Most Worthy Grand Matron, Most Worthy Grand Patron, Right Worthy Associate Grand Matron, Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron and 31 General Grand Chapter Committee Members.

Percy Albert Crater was a member of Lewisville No. 309. Mr. Crater was a talented artist. One of his most beautiful creations was the “fan” painted for “Festival of Friendship” Session. The Star Point Officers and White Lilies were painted on the fan. 49 Grand Chapter Scholarships and 34 ESTARL Awards were presented this year.


Jean Graham Massengill was a member of Edith Chapter No. 160. Mrs. Massengill was a creative individual and an astute business woman. From needlecraft classes in her home she opened three businesses. She organized and established a Wholesale Marketing Company, called the Designer Guild. Through this company Jean coordinated trade shows across the Southeastern United States. Never one to stay idle, she later opened a florist. Many members still have the “Homespun Cookin’” Cookbook which was a major fundraiser in 1984-85.

Thomas K. Collie was a member of William B. Barrow Chapter No. 139. Mr. Collie served as an Emergency Medical Service Program Specialist for the North Carolina Officer of Emergency Medical Services. He freely gives of his time in serving on the Grand Chapter First Aid Committee and also at Camp Rainbow. Mr. Collie is energetic and outgoing and makes friends easily. He is quite a good cook and everyone enjoyed going to the Collie home for a meal.

Fondest Memories: “Maybe even a little further back than serving as WGP, I remember being in the Grand Chapter Session in Wilmington and was elected the AGP. I am positive that I was the most surprised person in the room that I was elected. That day began a wonderful two years in my life. About six weeks after being elected, Heather, our baby daughter was born. That was a little different for an AGP. Helen, Teri, Heather and I traveled all over the state getting ready to serve as WGP. As hard as it is for me to believe, both those girls are Eastern Star members.

I was installed as WGP in Asheville in 1984 and I remember Jean and I going over the first week of our plans. We went to Morganton for our first visit and the butterflies hit me. I don’t think that had anything to do with the fact that butterflies were one of our symbols. I soon outgrew that and was enjoying the meetings, official visits, District Schools, Instituting a new Chapter, and other duties. We were promoting projects and being able to tell our Sisters and Brothers the progress we were making. Jean asked me early on if I could sell cookbooks and of course I said I could. The first order sold out in about 30 days, thanks to our State Chairman. And the projects were going well. I remember having the last burlap bag the peanuts came in, presented to me by our State Chairman. Camp Rainbow Craft Fair was a big success and the funds going toward much needed new bathrooms for the cabins. I enjoyed serving each member of the Order and meeting so many members that I did not know. I enjoy those friendships to this day – twenty years later.

Friendship on top of friendship bloomed and grew. I cherish the great friendship that my family and Jean’s family have to this day. Eastern Star has been a big part of my life and through the Eastern Star I have been able to fulfill the experience of loving one another. This Grand Body allowed me to serve as WGP, an honor I will never forget.

Then it was on to Raleigh and the 1985 session of the Grand Chapter. Jean and I were looking forward to the session which was above and beyond anything I expected. You could feel it in the room, the Grand Body was in harmony and when the time came to pass the gavel, wishes were that the next year be even better than the last. Still today our slogan has great meaning, REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE.”


Carolyn Lemmond Winchester was initiated in Hialeah Chapter No. 153, Miami, Florida. Later on she demitted to Pisgah Chapter No. 198, Brevard. She was an educator and gave much thought to our organization and its future obligations for the support and maintenance of the Masonic and Eastern Star Home in Greensboro. An important part of the 1983-84 program was the establishment of the North Carolina Eastern Star Foundation that has assets over $3,000,000. The NC OES Foundation gives annually to the Masonic and Eastern Star Home in Greensboro.

Fondest Memories: “1983-84 saw a change in introductions, the membership standing only for those introduced behind the altar and introducing elected and appointment officers together. For the first time computerized balloting was used, eliminating the time consuming hand counting and chance for error. My greatest dream was realized with the establishment of the N.C. Eastern Star Foundation. Since its beginning it has continued to grow through the efforts of our members and makes sizeable contributions to the operation of MESH. The Foundation assures “A Future Forever” for our sisters and brothers who reside at our Home.

I was honored to serve our Order as WGM with the late, Ray Kimball, as WGP and trust our efforts will have a lasting effect on our Order and members.”

Raymond James Kimball was a member of Eastgate Chapter No. 312. Mr. Kimball served in the Navy during World War II and the Korean Conflict. After military service, he went into sales and later started his own business – “Ray’s Lawn Mower and Machine Service.” We are grateful to him for his persistence in dealing with the City of Greensboro about traffic concerns at the Masonic and Eastern Start Home. Due to his efforts a left turn lane was added to Holden Road which makes getting into the grounds much safer.


Elizabeth Blackwell Simeone was a member of Cape Fear Chapter No. 346. Mrs. Simeone’s “Temple of Light” session was held on June 13-15 in Wilmington. During her year Grand Chapter grew. Four chapters were constituted: Federal Point Chapter No. 361, Enterprise No. 363, Green Level No. 362 and Princeton No. 364.

Dewey Clarence Crutchfield, Jr. was a member of Raleigh No. 295. Mr. Crutchfield promoted the programs of Grand Chapter but kept his speeches short and to the point. He recorded an album of his favorite songs with the profits going to Home Maintenance. Under his guidance Cary UD was constituted.


Shirley Grissom Hamilton was initiated as a Charter Member at Garner Chapter No. 321 and was a member of University Chapter No. 264, Chapel Hill, when she was installed as WGM. She is currently a member of Columbia Chapter No. 281. Her theme was centered around the Triangle, representing the area where she lived. The motto was JOY – Jesus First, Others Second, Yourself Last. A Craft Fair was held for the benefit of Camp Rainbow and this fair has been held every year since 1981 to present.

Rowell Lane was initiated as a Charter Member of Kings Mountain Chapter No. 123. At the time of his installation as WGP, he was a member of James B. White Chapter No. 199. Mr. Lane was a graduate of Wake Forest University and also from the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Most of his life has been dedicated to “teaching and preaching”. This qualified him well for the office of WGP. He served both as teacher and principal and later married the lovely Hazel, who was one of his students.

Fondest Memories: “There were three transactions that thrilled my heart during the 1981-1982 Grand Chapter year. First, was the Instituting of the Princeton Chapter U.D. on September 12, 1981 and the Davidson Chapter U.D., April 12, 1982. It is always encouraging when a new chapter is instituted.

Second, one of the highlights of the Grand Chapter Session, “The Joy of Banners” was the opening on Monday night, June 14. It was wonderful to see all those banners, a symbol of each community in whicih a subordinate chapter was located, mounted on the walls of the Civic Center. It was given further prominence when the Governor of North Carolina, James B. Hunt, addressed the assemblage, telling of his interest in the Banners, especially when he finally located the one from Wilson, his hometown.

Third, the greatest thrill of the whole year came during the formal opening ceremonies, Tuesday morning, when the Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons of the subordinate chapters entered with their banner and marched around the hall singing patriotic hymns. I will quote in part my exact words spoken as I attempted to extend my welcome to those officers: “…I am so full I can hardly speak. The songs you have just sung are the favorites of all favorites to me, and its gets me here (pointing to my heart) because I love America. There is no place in the whole world like it. It has done so much for me, and you, even though we don’t recognize so often unless we pause to think. Where else in the whole world could we have enjoyed the things we have enjoyed here, with the background that these last two hymns gave to us; recognizing our freedom of choice and liberty and the good works we have done recently.”


Alice Ward Carter was a member of Whiteville Chapter No. 211. Mrs. Carter was a spirited and talented individual. She presented many challenges to the membership which increased our knowledge of the Order. She also was a talented decorator and we enjoyed her numerous labors.

William Henry Simpson was a member of Stokesdale Chapter No. 202. Mr. Simpson was fondly known as “Bill”. He is a proud graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a true blue Tar Heel all the way. He also served in the Air Force and received a commission as a Lieutenant.

Fondest Memories: “To be asked to select my fondest memory from so many pleasant memories is an impossible task. Each of the 312 visits was a pleasant experience, as well, as installations, receptions, institutions, and the list goes on and on.

However, certainly none stands out more in my memory than the Annual Session – “The Southern Heritage Session” which was held in the Asheville Civic Center, Asheville, NC on June 8-10, 1981. I guess it holds fond memories for me because I am a Southerner and it reminds me of one of my favorite periods in the history of this Country.

The setting for the annual session truly captured the grace and beauty of the Old South, with the center piece being an old southern mansion surrounded by gardens, gazebos and enhanced by the presence of Southern Belles and Southern Gentlemen.

True Southerners can never forget that haunting tune from “Gone with the Wind” … Tara’s Theme.”


Dorothy Rich Miller was a member of Hickory Chapter No. 155. Mrs. Miller was kept very busy with all her duties and still found time for a Tri-State Exchange Visitation among North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. She gave heartfelt gratitude to all those who had made her year one of happy experiences.

Floyd Britt Mullholland was a member of Cary Chapter No. 366. Mr. Mulholland suffered a heart attack in January, 1980, which brought him closer to God and the recipient of the love of thousands of members, who had remembered him with messages and with prayers. His chief aim had been to encourage members to have faith, to walk hand in hand with God. And with God’s help, he was able to finish his year.


Margaret Surratt Dixon was a member of Twin City Chapter No. 60. To Mrs. Dixon, the year was a very short one. It seemed like there wasn’t enough time to do all that she hoped for. She devoted all the time that she could with a full heart of love, gratitude and tried to live up to the teachings and principles of the Order, and tried to impart them to the members.

Fondest Memories: “My session was held in Winston-Salem. The Altar was made from a big tree stump that Brother Tommy Bullard cut from the swamp. The pin for “Home Maintenance” was a Rose. About 200 people went with me to the Hawaiian Islands that year. Our peanut sales for the year raised almost $60,000. The “Golden Horseshoe” was our Travel Club pin.”

Ray Josh Smith was a member of Jacksonville No. 327. Mr. Smith and his wife, Dolly, traveled to several places and visited many chapters with the WGM. One of his most important aims was to spread peace and happiness among the members. With deep and sincere appreciation, he thanked all who made the year one of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Glenn Whitfield Garner was a member of Kinston Chapter No. 53. There wasn’t anything to stand in her way, including retiring from her job, to keep her from giving 100% to the office of WGM. Mrs. Garner had a mountain to climb and many duties to achieve before completing her goals. She had many waiting hands to help along the way. In completing her journal over the mountain, she reported with loving appreciation to all who had, in any way, helped her in ascending her mountain: a symbol of her untiring effort to achieve for the welfare and prosperity of the Grand Chapter.

Fondest Memories: “One of my fondest memories was enjoying the fellowship with the members during my Official visits.”

L. Doyle Pruett was a member of Elkin Chapter No. 249. Dr. Pruett had a very rewarding experience while traveling from one end of the beautiful state to the other, but it could not be compared to the friendship he beheld in the eyes of the members he had encountered in his travels. He made a recommendation that gave the WGP and AGP an idea of what was going on and how the funds should be solicited for the Home. It was adopted, revised and was known as “observers” on behalf of the Grand Chapter.


Emma Lou Holt Johnson was a member of Edith Chapter No. 160. Mrs. Johnson had seen the many improvements of her journey of duties. Although a few had fallen, there was still great progress shown. The WGM and WGP were the first to institute the Statewide District School Day. The plan was to cut the attendance at the District Schools in order to give the district an opportunity to work within itself in the performance of ritualitic work. The DDGMs and DDGPs were to supervise their district.

G. Thomas Bullard, Jr. was a member of Klondyke Chapter No. 197. Mr. Bullard’s occupation was in no danger, as his school principal had allowed his frequent absentees to fulfill his obligation as WGP. In his remarks, he thanked God for a safe journey of the year, his mother, Grand Electa, for having “such a mother of mine”, the WGM for such a truly wonderful companion in office, and for all who had moved the nettles and thorns from the fields.


Rebecca Ferree Brown (Lineberry) was a member of Greensboro Chapter No. 14. There wasn’t enough time for Mrs. Brown to finish her duties, but she worked very hard to encourage members to greater heights, to live the principles of the Order, and to learn and live the obligation. Her object was not to excel others, but to give of her best. In which she did.

Fondest Memories: “A very happy MEMORY was to have the Most Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Marguerite Kennerdell and Most Worthy Grand Patron, Brother LaVerne Coutney, and his wife Isabel, attend the “Symphony of Roses” Session. They arrived early and enjoyed the meetings and social activities.

We rolled out the red carpet as their plane arrived and had beautiful red roses waiting for them. We felt it was truly a compliment to have them with us in North Carolina.

My very SPECIAL gift from the Grand Chapter was to serve with Brother Earl C. Warren as my Worthy Grand Patron (with his wife, Eloise and my husband, Bob). What wonderful times we had at every single meeting and event. Thank you members of Grand Chapter for the happiness you gave us in so many ways.

Brother Earl was devoted to his Lord, his family, his Sisters, his Brothers and many Friends. His strength and energy was felt by everyone with whom he came in contact.

The ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR is truly a blessing to it’s Members, it is beautiful, exciting and very, very SPECIAL.”

Earl Cecil Warren was a member of Mingo Chapter No. 336. Mr. Warren was very observant to the enthusiasm of the members going about their work. Through all of the achievements was the message of the Cross, that is embodied in the teachings of the Order; the ideal of sacrificed service and the glory of the pilgrimage of life.


Kathryne McPhaul McRacken was a member of Red Springs Chapter No. 8.  Mrs. McRacken was ready to accept her duties with excitement and enthusiasm. Her chief aim was to scatter love and kindness, to live the principles of the Order and to meet obligations and perform in the essentials of the Order that beauty be shown in all things.

William Calvin Hilton was a member of Cherry Point Chapter No. 289. Mr. Hilton was very appreciative of his high office which gave him the opportunity to visit and have a closer relationship with other chapters. His belief in reverence, dignity, humility, and dedication to duty followed him throughout his year.

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