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Membership Development

Methods to Build and Strenghten Membership

An organization can be defined as a group of members with similar interests and purpose.  Our organization needs to nurture and maintain current members as well as attract and develop new members.  Our Membership Committee strives to offer suggestions for our betterment.  There are several aids available for use by the Chapters.  They can be viewed on the "Secretaries Info, Publications" Page.
1) A Chapter Line Officers Guide
2) Aid to Investigating Committee
3) Mentor for New Members
4) New Member Guide Book (2015)
5) Why Should I Join the Eastern Star? (2015)
6) A Brief Introduction to OES (Video) - This video can be viewed on the "Introduction to OES" Page.
7) Letter to New Masons (NEW) - Has approval of the Grand Master to mail/give to new Masons.  Find a list in the NC Mason Newspaper.  Follow through with all Lodges in your area.

2016 - 2017 Membership Committee

Buddy Kimmons
29 Kramer Rd.
Lillington, NC  27546

Lisa Barbee -

Committee Members
Mike Klack -
Michael Albers -
Dennis Edwards -
Rob Morris Membership Medal

The General Grand Chapter has an award available to be given to members that promote membership growth.  Members are recognized for their work in recruiting new members.  Download this August 17, 2015 letter that describes the process.

A Note from the Grand Chapter Committee

Sisters and Brothers, we would like to remind all members that there are valuable tools available in the form of pamphlets which can be used by your Chapters and can be accessed by clicking on the "Secretaries Info" tab and selecting publications. You can then scroll down to the Membership Info square and look in the third column to select the item needed.  These are also included on this page that you are now viewing.  Besides the "Why Should I Join the Order of the Eastern Star?" pamphlet there is also a video available which can be down loaded to a disk and shown to prospective members.
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